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05/17/19 I’m trying to track down the source data for this map: https://fusiontables.googleusercontent.co... Public Records Requests Williams
05/16/19 FCML policy Metro Staff Williams
05/16/19 Can you provide ridership counts for the intersection at Compton Blvd & Atlantic Ave in all d... Public Records Requests Williams
05/16/19 Hello, I would like to request copies of the agenda, as well as the presentations/handouts/notes,... Public Records Requests Williams
05/15/19 Your response to my request was incomplete.   It is missing the total number of transit vehicle... Public Records Requests Cano
05/15/19 Hello, I would like a copy of the documents produced through request #19-463. Media Cano
05/15/19 The documents produced for request #19-468, or  #19-702 -- they are the same thing but neither ... Media Cano
05/14/19 I'd like to request copies of the bids submitted for RFP No. PS20109 issued 03.04.16.  The RFP t... Public Records Requests Orozco
05/14/19 Hello, I would like to request copies of the proposals that were submitted for Contract No. AE57... Public Records Requests Cano
05/14/19 Request a copy of the selected team proposal for the RFP No. AE57645, SR91/Acacia Court to Centra... Public Records Requests Williams
05/14/19 May I please request a digital copy of LA Metro’s contract with Kiewit Pacific Corporation for th... Public Records Requests Williams
05/14/19 I tried clicking on the document links noted in this request but they wouldn't open. Can you plea... Public Records Requests Williams
05/14/19 I would like to request all investment handouts and presentations and the agenda from the May 201... Media Williams
05/14/19 This is taking forever. I’m going to tell Sheila!  Sent from my iPhone  On Apr 18, 2019, at 12:59... Public Records Requests Williams
05/13/19 Hello, I would like to request the records produced in response to Request #17-1148 relating to T... Public Records Requests Williams
05/13/19 Can you please send a soft copy of the Proposed FY2020 Budget? Public Records Requests Williams
05/13/19 Can you please send a soft copy of the Proposed FY2019 Budget? Public Records Requests Williams
05/13/19  CBS2/KCAL9 asks for the following information:   -A list of salaries for the year 2018 of all e... Media Williams
05/13/19 As you know we had submitted a Bid for The Fire Alarm Project in several Divisions ( Project C117... Public Records Requests Williams
05/13/19 I was wondering if you could please send me the different bid amounts for the “Purchase of New He... Public Records Requests Williams
05/11/19 Patsaouras Plaza Busway Station project (C0970) - Section 106 Programmatic Agreement executed Nov... Public Records Requests Williams
05/10/19 Please provide all the files in the response for Request #19-714 - Electronic copy of winning pro... Public Records Requests Cano
05/09/19 Hello, I would like to request the records produced in response to Request #19-513. Thank you fo... Public Records Requests Cano
05/09/19 Hello, I would like to request a copy of the presentation made by Nolan Borgman (Senior Transport... Public Records Requests Williams
05/09/19 Please provide the results for the following Small Business Prime Bid RQ 61073-2 – Loretta Nor... Public Records Requests Cano
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