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04/16/19 All proposals received in response to RFP No. AE51890. This request is for all technical proposal... Public Records Requests Orozco
04/16/19 winning proposals for the following two contracts:  AE47810E0128 – Systems Engineering and Sup... Public Records Requests Williams
04/15/19 C1151 We would like to request a copy of the technical proposal for the Westside Purple Line Ext... Public Records Requests Williams
04/15/19 Pursuant to my rights under California's Public Records Act, I respectively request digital copie... Public Records Requests Cano
04/13/19 AE35279 Hello, I would like to request all deliverables, reports, studies, and analyses produced... Public Records Requests Williams
04/12/19 We would like to request a copy of the technical proposal for the Westside Purple Line Extension ... Public Records Requests Cano
04/12/19 Chanelle Yang Jobs to Move America 1 N State Street, #1500 Chicago, IL 60602 cyang@jobstomove... Public Records Requests Cano
04/12/19 C1190 I'd like a copy of the bid packages of Best Contracting and Bligh Pacific for IFB C1190 wh... Public Records Requests Williams
04/12/19 I am requesting for the following under freedom of public information request act.  Has there ... Public Records Requests Williams
04/12/19 Hello can you provide us the award information for LA Metro RQ 61373. Please provide the price a... Public Records Requests Williams
04/11/19 We are inquiring about Metro RQ61369. Has this been awarded, if so please provide the price and ... Public Records Requests Williams
04/10/19 Project Name: MTA - Southwestern Maintenance Yard C0991 Division 16 Request for Certified Payrol... Public Records Requests Cano
04/10/19 Good afternoon, I'm requesting a last price paid on MTA item #148659N Combo Pack-Mop Bucket &... Public Records Requests Williams
04/10/19 Hello, I would like to request the complete audio recording for the Metro Policy Advisory Council... Public Records Requests Orozco
04/09/19 C0970 Most recent approved project summary schedule, change modification log, and change notice ... Public Records Requests Williams
04/09/19 MM62044 Black Plastic Bags Your responses would be appreciated for the following questions: C... Public Records Requests Cano
04/09/19 We would like to request pubic record for Metro Talent Development Bench RFP Task Order #7. Public Records Requests Cano
04/09/19 Could you please release the PDFs of the Volume 1 - Technical Proposals for all selected firms fo... Public Records Requests Williams
04/09/19 I am requesting a copy of this agency's Employee Compensation Reports for the 2017 and 2018 years... Public Records Requests Williams
04/08/19 What are the number of fatalities on Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority? Public Records Requests Cano
04/08/19 Division 20 Traction Power Substation (PWT2), IFB no. C60373C1184 bid results Public Records Requests Williams
04/08/19 I am professor and I research environmental/public economics. I am worried about the decline in m... Public Records Requests Williams
04/07/19 I'm requesting the P3 Assessment performed by the Office of Extraordinary Innovations related to ... Public Records Requests Cano
04/05/19 C0991 Southwestern Yard Division 16 CPRs for Pre-Fab Builders from beginning of project to now Public Records Requests Williams
04/05/19 C1181 Division 20 Driveway: Name and license number of the awarded general/multi-prime contrac... Public Records Requests Williams
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